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"Dis-ease cannot exist in a high frequency environment."


As vibrational beings, we are the senders and receivers of energetic information. We are constantly involved in energetic exchanges with everything and everyone around us. We operate at a vibrational rate, and like a magnet, draw to ourselves experiences that match our vibrational rate. Negative thoughts, disturbing emotions, disease and drama are all reflective of a low vibratory rate. None of these negative energies can exist in a high-vibrational state..

People experience physical and emotional struggles that often defy explanation or intervention because there is, often enough, no clear, specific causative agent in the physical realm. It must be understood that looking for an explanation is the realm of the traditional, of behavior and consequences, if you will. The deeper answers, and the related shifts in experiences, have much more to do with energy and especially with the vibrational rate at which one is operating.

Transformational intervention is effected through the raising of one's vibrational rate. As negative thought forms and beliefs are released, everything has to change. Powerful demonstrations just show up because we are affecting the without from within and not the other way around.

Everything that is not of light, of healing, will come up to be released. This process can be painful, at least temporarily, because we are being called to observe, and hopefully change, aspects of ourselves that we have failed to recognize before. We help our clients to understand that they do powerfully command their own lives. That they can change the course of events through consciously shifting the thoughts and energy which they project onto any moment or situation. In brief, every aspect of our work brings clients to a profound clarity that helps them to understand how their old style of functioning no longer serves them.

Key concepts regarding our work:
  • Our emotions are our guidance system. Negative emotions indicate disharmony; positive emotions show that we are vibrating with all that is good. We are not the victims of circumstances. We are the creators of everything we experience, with out emotions serving as the purest form of feedback regarding where we are. We have the power of choice. Do we wish to continue with the thoughts and actions that have created this disharmony, or do we wish to employ our innate skills to create a powerfully different result?

  • Mirrors Significant people and events are brought into our lives to challenge us regarding our shadow side and our lessons. They serve as mirrors for those aspects of ourselves that need to be released so that we can come into balance and actualize our authentic selves.

  • Forgiveness is highly accepted as one of the most powerful spiritual tools. It is easier to forgive others when we understand that they are here to help us to see our true selves and to learn. In my work, I advocate self-forgiveness.

    It is my purpose to help the client through the pain of viewing those aspects of themselves that they could not see, clear them of negative energies and remove related blocks. Then, with great pleasure, I watch clients as they feel better emotionally, heal physically and experience transformation in their world. The higher vibratory rate that they achieve is a reflection of their true Spiritual self. It is truly an honor to help the client to fully realize this as they effectively apply the tools and the knowledge to the betterment of their lives.

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