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"Dis-ease cannot exist in a high frequency environment."

Dr. Joseph S. VizzardDr. Joseph S. Vizzard, Ph.D. has been a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for 33 years. During graduate school, he was a Fellow in Rehabilitation Psychology. His Doctorate focused on hypnosis, which has been one of his primary therapeutic tools. He has worked with all types of emotional struggles, especially anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse and relationship issues. His primary specialty over the years has been chronic physical problems and pain. He was formerly Director of four chronic pain treatment programs around the United States. He has taught nationally and internationally regarding the treatment of chronic physical problems.

Over the years, Dr. Vizzard became fascinated with quantum physics, spirituality and energy-based healing. While he still uses many of the tools that he acquired in his graduate training, he has moved deeply into energy-based healing. He has worked alongside many healers (Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Dr. Mark Dunn). He has thoroughly studied the impact of nutrition on physical and vibrational functioning. Where Dr. Vizzard also knows how to manually apply energy-based techniques, his work focuses more on his voice and his choice of words. Dr. Vizzard also teaches clients about the underlying philosophy (based in spirituality and quantum physics) which drives healing and its maintenance.

Dr. Vizzard understands that change can and will be more profound and permanent if the client, through healing work, achieves enough of a clearing that their outer world shifts in a noticeable way. This is the demonstration of the power of this work that is anticipated by Dr. Vizzard when he instructs the client, at session's end, to "pay attention to what's different and not what's the same". Or to "expect the unexpected". Such a demonstration lends profound credence to the client's grasp of the philosophy of life that is the core of this work, and helps them to stay the course as they continue to work on change and on raising their frequency.

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