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"Dis-ease cannot exist in a high frequency environment."

Recommended Books

The Secret: Companion to the fabulous movie "The Secret". Recently featured on Oprah. A great reference for using the Secret effectively in all aspects of your life. You can read it over and over and still learn more.
The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Our current top favorite. Discusses how to use deliberate intentusses how to b to create anything you want in your life. But, more importantly, it discalance your energy and how to look on emotions in an entirely different manner.
The Power of Intention: Wayne Dyer’s work is perhaps better known than some of the author authors on our list. This book is in the top five for recommendations to our clients. Dyer gives a clear statement of how we can work with the power of intention to create the reality that we want.
Ask and It Is Given: The predecessor to Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, this book gives a simple, yet powerful, description of how our thoughts and beliefs are energy forms that interact with the “Law of Magnetic Attraction” to draw to us that on which we place our thoughts. A must read!
Radical Forgiveness: A profound book that lays out the spiritual power of forgiveness. Ultimately this is about forgiveness of ourselves after we look at the “mirrors” that others offer to us regarding those aspects of ourselves that need to be healed. Best used with a worksheet that can be downloaded from the Radical Forgiveness website.
Feelings Buried Alive Never Die: We often recommend this book to our clients, as it clearly discusses the impact of emotions that have been buried (suppressed) on our functioning. Contains a great reference chart for physical problems and their likely related and underlying emotional issues.
What The Bleep Do we Know DVD: A ground breaking movie that is part story, part computer graphics and part discussion of what is going on from spiritual and quantum mechanics perspectives. Raises many questions regarding the true nature of reality and helps us to understand that we do, in fact, create our own Reality.
The Isaiah Effect A powerful book about our ability to change the course of events in our world and the world around us. Gregg Braden first introduces another level of prayer that "moves mountains". Refreshing, enlightening and encouraging.
You Can Heal Your Life: Louise Hay, the author, is a master of the relationship between physical ailments and underlying emotional issues. A great reference book!
Electrical Nutrition: A fantastic book for understanding the electrical workings of the body. Gives the reader an understanding of how the body needs to be fed with foods that truly supply the body with the necessary electrical charge to function at highest effectiveness.
The Power of Now:
The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards: A wonderful deck of cards that can be used on a daily basis for daily reminders of the ways to shift your thinking so that you can better create your reality with Deliberate Intent.
The New Earth:
The God Code
The Diamond:
The Gift of Change:
The Book of Secrets:
Fulfill Desire:
The Little Book of Bleeps:
The Gift Exchange:
Power thru Cons.. thinking:
Mutant Message...
The Ten...
The Sermon on the Mount:

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