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"Dis-ease cannot exist in a high frequency environment."

Remote Healing

A lot of people wonder how healing can be accomplished remotely. We have been imbued with the medical model where one goes to see the doctor for treatment, or goes for tests such as CAT scans or MRIs to "see" what is wrong.

To better understand remote healing, one need only read some of the fantastic research coming out of quantum physics. The implication from this research is that nothing is as real as we pretend and time and space do not really matter. What is there to be healed, be it emotional, energetic or physical, can easily be healed from a distance.

In our work, we don't even like using the word "healing" because it implies that there is something there to be "healed". Perhaps transformation is a better word for this process. The reality is that we have perfect health designed into our physical bodies. Healing takes place when focus is taken away from the problem or diagnosis and placed on the perfect health that resides within. It also takes place through the raising of the client's frequency, which is always the focus of our work.

Lill Abrahamsen Vizzard has been working with remote transformation for many years now. She remotely employs all of the tools that she uses in the office when working directly with clients. Her primary focus, when using these tools is clear anything negative from your body, your thoughts, your emotions and your energy field. Simply doing this creates powerful change both within and without.

More recently, Lill has perfected a contemplative state in which she joins the client, taking them into a direct connection to the huge joy and well-being of God/Source. The shifts in health that occur are profound.

If you are interested in a remote transformation session, the cost is $150 per session. To do this best, we would need the following from you:
1. A picture of you, preferably where you are facing the camera and a full-body shot.
2. A brief written statement from you regarding who you are and what your goals are for the remote transformational work.
3. A cotton swap or pad with some of your saliva (dna) on it.
Obviously, all but the dna sample can be provided to us by email.

Please contact us if you wish to arrange a remote transformation session. Thank you.

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