Depression, PTSD, or Relationship Issues? Help is Available!

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Have you suffered from depression, PTSD, apathy, social anxiety, relationship issues, or fluctuating emotions? Have you considered seeking understanding and support from a psychologist or psychiatrist? Have you felt anxious, angry, or apathetic?

Joseph Vizzard, PhD, offers spiritually-based consultation services. He was a licensed clinical psychologist for 45 years. He is now retired from that practice; yet still offers his clients guidance; specifically support, advice, grounding, and empowerment to help them align with the events in their lives and thereby become more balanced emotionally and energetically.

The guidance I offer, the techniques I use, are all garnered from my many years of very hard work on myself—often enough, not in traditional psychotherapy—because I wasn't happy with what traditional psychology offered. I turned to some powerful sources of wisdom. I learned much regarding intuitive skills and how to amplify my own intuition. I have been changed inside and out.

I practice what I preach and I've had many experiences where I've proven that what I preach works. I am no longer in practice as a psychologist. I practice in life, in the present moment. The principles that I espouse were my compass, and my strength, guiding me through my recent personal health crises. It is my honor to pass on the wisdom that I have garnered, to introduce you to this energy, as a potent means of inner guidance for discovering your own inner resources.

The most important two factors in changing one's life for the better are dedication to the process, and determination to make any needed changes happen. It is not sufficient to have knowledge. You must live this, embody this. It is that simple.​Dr. Joseph Vizzard

Please call Dr. Joseph Vizzard now to schedule your free 20-minute telephone consultation to discuss his unique guidance, and how he can help you reach your personal growth goals. You can change your reality by changing your energy, your perspectives, and your linear mind!
Serving clients in the Washington communities of Edmonds, Bothell, Brier, Lake Forest Park, Lynnwood, Martha Lake, Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo, Shoreline, Everett, and Seattle, WA.
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