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Most people feel very alone. They may feel that no one understands their issues, and, therefore, may not talk very openly about their struggles with anybody, even in therapy. Unfortunately, this furthers their sense of isolation and leaves them without resources as they try to cope with the difficult struggles in their lives. Dr. Vizzard will support you by helping you understand that everyone struggles, that we all share our own versions of similar struggles. Understanding can serve to ease some of the burden. This supportive understanding establishes the basis for becoming your own source of inner strength, and thereby dealing more successfully with your issues, be the source internal or external.


Dr. Joseph Vizzard has a wealth of experience and knowledge from which to offer relevant advice. He started to accumulate this, many years ago, through graduate school courses and training. He spent 45 years working as a license clinical psychologist. He has explored diverse sources of wisdom, including, but not limited to, spirituality, quantum physics and meditation. Along the way, he has worked extensively on himself. The advice he provides is tailored to your unique issues and situations. His work and study have enabled him to deeply understand how life works, and how to help you deal with difficult issues and shift your life experience in constructive ways.


Most people are not well grounded. Their spiritual studies have left them believing that being spiritual, and “raising their vibration”, will make their lives peaceful. Meditation is too often applied like a drug to buffer them from dealing with their emotions. Or they may think that they have to eat certain things, or not eat certain things, in order to achieve a measure of enlightenment. That if, somehow, they do it “right”, then life will go really well for them. If only they could just do that.… You deserve truly helpful and effective strategies. True power comes through connectedness and through working in coherence with ageless principles of energy. Dr. Vizzard seeks to help his clients to achieve that connection and coherence here on earth, in this moment; since this is where we are, this is where our life takes place, and this is where the events of our lives unfold. He will teach you techniques for grounding yourself in order to align with your life's purpose.


Dr. Joseph Vizzard provides a supportive, healing environment. His advice derives from years of working with people and understanding how things tend to flow. This kind of knowledge is power. Being grounded is power. Claiming your authentic self is power. With Dr. Vizzard’s assistance, you can discover this power for yourself. Then you can deal more effectively with the things that are going on in your life, both within yourself and outside yourself. True power is being able to stand strong and realize who you really are—not merely what you've come to believe about yourself based on family, socio-economic status, religion, government, nationality, gender, and/or race.

Please call Dr. Joseph Vizzard now to schedule your free 20-minute telephone consultation to discuss his unique guidance, and how he can help you reach your personal growth goals. You can change your reality by changing your energy, your perspectives, and your linear mind!
Serving clients in the Washington communities of Edmonds, Bothell, Brier, Lake Forest Park, Lynnwood, Martha Lake, Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo, Shoreline, Everett, and Seattle, WA.
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