Corona Consciousness

Finding Hope In The Midst Of A Pandemic
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Many years ago, I was told, by a respected source, that a huge change was coming. There was no timeline specified. I was further told that I was here to help with this process. That there was nothing to do to get ready. That, when the time was right, and the need was there, everything I might need was “incumbent within me”. In spite of that advice, and because I desired to help my clients to transform versus have merely relieving symptoms, I took on preparing. Over the years, I attended many seminars and workshops. I devoured a lot of books. I was worked on, and worked alongside, powerful healers.

My quest was never about knowledge, for knowledge is the realm of the linear mind, which I sometimes refer to as “the trickster”. It was always about wisdom and, ultimately, waking up. All of us. Not just me.

Look around you. Even before the Corona virus, we were in serious trouble with planetary changes, deep-seated political division, heavy debt (both nationally and personally), addictions running rampant (including to technology), and too much more. And now our health, lives, occupations and finances are being shattered by Covid-19.

When I left that long-ago predictive session, I felt a deep sadness. As I drove home, I saw a young couple walking hand-in-hand, bathed by that golden light that makes everything glow as the long summer day fades into dusk. I thought that life couldn't be any better than this beautiful moment. I didn't like the idea that all this would be smashed.

Along the way, from various reputable sources, I encountered updates regarding this prediction. The details didn't matter. Nothing was clear regarding when, or how, this would come to pass. What did matter was to “why?” of this prediction. I was told many times that we were being asked to live more in our hearts. I was told that the severity of the challenges that we might face could be lessened by more people changing to ways of the heart. And, along the way, creating a wave of critical mass to put this needed change into high gear.

This series of processes are rightly seen as a serious wake up call. Ask yourself, and be honest: Do you think that a lot of the ugly stuff that goes on in this world would be there if we were more in our hearts than in our heads? The answer to that question would have to be a resounding “No!”.

Tesla said, “if you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Einstein said: “Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Then there's the “Law of Attraction”. Go research it for yourself. But do understand that focus, vibration and even emotions are all strong factors in the creation of the reality that we see in our personal lives and in the larger collective around us.

Also remember that everything is in process. For example, when I got my diagnosis of cancer two years ago, I knew that I needed to gather my “tools” and get right to work. Since everything is in process, what you do, including energetically, affects the outcome.

In a previous post, I asked readers if they were living in love or fear. Think about this. Better than that, feel it. Check in on how you are feeling after devouring all the fear that is rampant around us, especially on the news and social media. Not good, I'll guarantee you. I've checked in myself. Fear constricts. Fear puts us into primitive states where we are out for ourselves. Such as hoarding and needlessly exposing ourselves and then, especially with this virus, exposing others. Fear suppresses your immune system.

The wake-up call is upon us, in the form of Covid-19. Healing, as well as protecting yourself, have as much to do with our vibration as with any medical strategies. Remember, everything is energy. How are you going to answer the call?

This article is intended to evolve into a discussion. In the very near future, I will be activating my blog on I will make an announcement when the Blog (entitled “Higher Vibrations”) is in release.

I will be covering a variety of topics. I am open to suggestions from you for topics. I work best playing off your statements and questions. Challenges are always welcome. But please make the challenges based on some degree of understanding. Not reacting. Disrespect would be the antithesis of waking up and living more from the heart. Answer the call! Help steer these intense events toward a swift and successful end. Love or fear?

Please call Dr. Stephen Vizzard now to schedule your free 20-minute telephone consultation to discuss his unique guidance, and how he can help you reach your personal growth goals. You can change your reality by changing your energy, your perspectives, and your linear mind!

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