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In The Midst of This Pandemic, Let Me Help You Find Clarity and Support
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I have always favored working with people in person. Right there in the room, visuals enhancing our work, our energy joined, hugs (formerly) included. But this has been taken away by “Sheltering in Place”. For now, no more in person sessions.

I've never liked doing sessions with clients over the one-dimensional phone. I was skeptical regarding doing this online.

But I have come to find out that online has worked out very well. I have been able to see darkness tracing a client's eyes just as tears arrive. I have seen sunlight beams illuminating my client with bands of gold and even rainbow colors. That and a lace-like film that bathes the head. I've watched these bands, and the lace, immediately disappear when the client vacates the heart and heads back into the mind. When I guide them back into the heart, the bands and lace return. It is powerful for the client to look at this and see for themselves a small demonstration of what this does.

I was told, many years ago, that something big was coming. That this force would be designed to shock us out of the trances that we live in and, thereby, hopefully wake us up. I was told that I was destined to assist others through this process. Back then, I didn't know when or how. I only know that it is my destiny to help others through what is appropriately termed the “Great Awakening”.

This former prediction is now unfolding right before our very eyes. These are trying times that call us to do our part. We are being called to tap into our inner wisdom, join together with the power of many doing this at the same time, and help profound healing to occur. Love or fear? Everything is in flux. The outcome is not yet determined. Are you willing to do your part to end this horrible darkness by bringing in the light?

I offer many resources, the easiest of which is my “Dropbox” full of many beautiful pieces of music that are so high-frequency that they change you if you simply play them at a low level, in the background, when you are doing other things. I've seen this happen often enough that I hold this as a “knowing”. “Raise your vibration, change your life”. And everyone else's.

I also love working 1:1 online, helping my clients to adapt to all that is going on by guiding them through the process of developing a solid relationship with meditation, in what ever form is best for them. Simplified, meditation is about dropping from your linear mind, down into your heart, and deeply listening from there. This is the place where clarity, balance and wisdom show up. But this cannot be a casual practice. By the end of sessions, I love seeing people who look different, who have a broader vision of what to do, and who feel “lighter”, “calmer”, and, best of all, hold more hope.

There is a Global Peace Meditation tonight. The Bible says, “when two or more are gathered”. Powerful prayer, simultaneous and from many. Everyone focusing on healing. Love has been said to be the opposite to fear. Love heals. Love is the answer! The truth is that, even when we do this just for ourselves, we also create positive shifts in the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is currently one big “pain body”. Our collective unconscious needs to heal in order for things to settle down and then open back up.

I also intend, in the near future, to form a support group on Zoom, where all interested parties can share experiences and support each other through this process.

Please do contact me to discuss what I can do for you.

Dr. V

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